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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Carly YoungCarly Young
Passed 1st Time
I found using the LDC workbook and online learning hub very helpful. Colin was fantastic, very helpful and patient.

Jay MacintyreJay Macintyre
Excellent Pass
Colin taught me a lot using different techniques. I first came to Colin from a different instructor not confident in my skills. Colin helped me improve everything I already new and taught me a lot more. I wouldn't have passed without him and i would recommend him to people who want to drive.

Amy CampbellAmy Campbell
1st Time Pass
Colin was very patient and reassuring. I was a very nervous driver and found that the LDC system was very structured. Colin did a great job delivering it which helped me massively with my lack of confidence.

Marcus FinlaysonMarcus Finlayson
1st Time Pass
The lessons were very meticulous in pin pointing the weak spots in my driving style. Colin helped me to identify these and practise driving with increased awareness for these things. I passed first attempt and I will be very much in his debt for being such a good instructor.

Danielle Harrison
1st Time Pass
Colin is a great instructor, He is very clear with his learning method and how to carry them out. Colin has been very helpful from start to end and has helped me get through both my theory and driving test, For this I am very thankful and would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to learn to drive.

Amber MackayAmber Mackay
1st Time Pass
Colin is a great instructor, very calm during lessons. He is knowledgeable and is a great help with all driving aspects.

Sara WilsonSara Wilson
1st Time Pass
Colin was lovely and very helpful whenever I had questions. He always listened to my worries and helped put me at ease. Using the LDC system made me more confident in my driving ability

Thomas YoungThomas Young
1st Time Pass
Great instructor who always explains everything so that I know what I am doing 10/10

Kaylie HarrisonKaylie Harrison
I really loved doing my lessons with Colin. He is patient and takes the time to explain everything until you feel comfortable. I enjoyed working through the LDC Driving Skills workbook as it helps to keep you on track with what you have learned in all your lessons. Colin always makes you feel relaxed and more confident,

Natashia YoungNatashia Young
Optimal way for me to learn
Colin’s lessons were always fluid, structured, relaxed and professional. Using the LDC Driving skills workbook was the optimal way for me to learn, as I always had a say in what I wanted to achieve from each lesson this allowing me to progress at my own pace. Colin used a question and answer system in his lessons instead of continually telling me how to do everything. This helping me gain better knowledge and understanding faster along with boosting my confidence.